Motherhood - Steph & Connor

A sweet rainy afternoon and the most tender of connections between this Mama and her 6 month old babe, Connor.

I arrived at Steph’s home as the rain started to fall for the first time that day, we captured the sweetest most nurturing moments as she fed her beautiful babe who had just woken from his afternoon nap.

We then braved the weather and headed outside to the most beautiful stormy sky and the remanents of the rain that had just started to fall, the first wattle of the season and the most beautiful bushland. Winter was still here but spring was peaking through, it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Motherhood sessions to document the raw and the real. Time to connect, nuture and cherish however you may feel like. Lets celebrate you as a Mama, as a muse, as the beautiful strong woman you are. For without there would be no babes, and without babes the world wouldn’t be as beautiful. Truly, simply you.

The Fawcetts // May Family Session

How good is love? How good is just being together?

In this fast paced world we live in how good is it to just slow down and be you, truly, deeply you, be in that moment. I love documentary styled family photography because at the end of the day, its a reflection of the love you have with your little babes, with the person you fell in love with that started this whole family thing. It is the truest reflection of you that you can look back at in years to come. You can be grateful that you turned to an outsider, to see you and your family and capture and feel all that love. The love that oozes. The love that you feel but don’t necessarily get to see in a picture, because you are always behind the lens.

I love this because its not forced, I follow your lead, go at your pace, and create some beautiful and timeless portraits in the process. Your lifestyle on a portrait for years to come. The ultimate gift you can gift your children with. Be present, be you and get in the frame. These moments you feel, they are fleeting and you never know what tomorrow will bring, the unexpected is always looming. Make an effort to be in the frame with your babies today.

Millie & Luke, your family radiates a love like no other. Your beautiful blue eyed babes made my editing a dream. Be so proud!

Meg x

The Story of you // Baby Rafe

Capturing the unconventional because it makes my heart sing, capturing the unconventional because it makes your heart sing, because its raw and real and messy and you. Capturing the unconventional because its the most beautiful gift I can give. Truely, deeply, you.

Enjoy this collection of the early days of being a fresh mum, a sweet 2 year old learning how to be a sister and a fresh dad taking it all in, in the most real and honest way.

Kristyn & Brad you guys were a dream to photograph. This session will go down as my most favourite family session ever!

Meg x x

P.S I am booked out for May, In home sessions like the one you’re about to see below are available most Sundays for June, July & August. Limited bookings for June left. I’ll bring the coffee and the blankets! Let me capture you in all your goodness. Get in touch! I can’t wait to here from you. X

Bright, Victoria - Engagement Session // Amy & John

Just you, me & the mountains.

Amy & John are getting married in the ever so picturesque Bright in November and its going to be one hell of a good time!

I met this couple back in January when the hills were lush and green. When I first pulled in to their driveway of Amy’s family home, their dog Bud ran up to me and sat on my toes. A beautiful black/brown kelpie giving me permission to photograph his mama and papa! It was pretty wholesome!

We wandered through the mountains, Bud in tow. Explored Porepunkah and caught the last light of the day together.

If 2019 could please bring me all the loved up couples & cute dogs, that would just be the icing on the cake of an already great year!

Can’t wait to see you guys again in November to capture some more memories.

Meg x x

Country Love // Simone & Jack

It’s true, I definitely love a country wedding. It’s also true that there would be no better place for one then in the Valleys surrounding Tallangatta in the picturesque landscape of the Upper Murray.

Simone & Jack said I do in front of their closest friends in the backyard of Jack’s family property. Simone was introduced with her horse Suzie by her side and then walked down the aisle with her dad. It was such a beautiful Ceremony and to see Jack’s face when he saw her for the first time was just priceless.

These two radiate a love like no other and I was absolutely honoured to share their special day with them.

I love capturing connection, but to able to do so in such a special place that these two hold dear is even better. Having wedding portraits in a location that is special to you will make all the difference in years to come.

Simone & Jack shared their first dance under the stars, had a dance with all of their closest friends and then at the conclusion of their wedding night their horse Rony foaled a beautiful pony. A wedding day pony. What more could you ask for?

A truly perfect day and a love you can feel from miles away. Editing this was a dream, seeing this come to print made me teary and sharing this day with you both was brilliant. Thanks again for having me.

A highlight reel that could be never ending.. How many photos is too many to share on a blog I wonder?

Meg X X

For the love of Film || Kelsey & Caleb

“I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn't photograph them.”
- Diane Arbus

I couldn’t tell you exactly why I love film the way I do, its got a little do with with the simplicity and chemistry. It’s definitely a labour of love. For me film evokes a sense of nostalgia like no other and by stripping photography down, back to its basics with chemical processing, scanning and negs, every singe image you take has to be well thought out and curated. It’s pure brilliance. The digital decade really robs you of that.

I was so humbled to photograph my dear friend Kelsey’s wedding on this beautiful medium. I stood back all day with my beloved film cameras starting with my Olympus from 1973 to my Nikkormat from the early 80s and various film stocks. I sat down during the bridal portraits took a moment and reloaded all my film whilst cuddling the venues dog! It was the most relaxed I have ever felt at a wedding.

From the yellow combi, to swinging around on a tyre swing and all those magical intimate moments in between I am so happy to have been there to capture it for you Kels and Caleb. It’s always so humbling when someone believes in you. So thank you both for trusting me and believing in me to capture the most important day in your lives. My heart can’t thank you enough.

So here’s to going back to basics, here’s to film grain, here’s to negatives and processing and here’s to love. For love and film will conquer all (maybe for me anyway)

Enjoy this gallery. It’s imperfectly perfect and the biggest piece of my heart I have published yet.

Special mention to Yack Ingredients for their incredible reception venue! What a standout vendor! Also big thanks to Fran for letting me shoot over your shoulder all day. Oh and our video team was pretty rad too.. Cheers Ben and Tom!

Film stocks include:
Portra 160
Portra 400
Portra 800
Fujifilm Pro 400h
Ilford Delta 3200
Illford HP5 400

Big love,
Meg X